Energynet is a subsidiary of Fentons limited, which is part of the Hayleys goup of companies.

Initially a Division of FENTONS LTD, ENERGYNET (PVT) LTD., was formed in June of 2000 with a primary focus on IT Infrastructure business. The core business being the supply of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for the business and manufacturing environment which is now highly dependent on continuous and clean supply of power for the transmission of data via advanced communication networks and also for industrial and process control systems.

ENERGYNET represents GENERAL ELECTRIC (CRITICAL POWER), which is one of the world’s largest multinational Fortune 500 companies. Fentons entered the UPS business in 1987 by partnering with VICTRON, a small Dutch UPS manufacturing organization. Victron was later acquired by a Swiss company, INVERTOMATIC and was known as IMV (INVERTOMATIC VICTRON HOLDINGS). The Company was then acquired by GENERAL ELECTRIC and has since expanded from having a design and manufacturing centre in Switzerland to manufacturing centers world wide. The product portfolio includes UPS systems from 1000 VA to 4 MVA with a host of accompanying power management software and internet based remote UPS monitoring systems. Through these transitions, FENTONS and ENERGYNET continued to be proudly associated as the Business Partner in Sri Lanka. In addition, TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression), ATS (Automatic Changeover Switches) and GE’s MUTILIN range of metering is also available.

ENERGYNET also represents TESCOM, a Turkish UPS manufacturer with its transformer based UPS systems.

ENERGYNET recently launched its own brand of UPS systems, Dot NET in the single phase and 3 phase range up to 20kVA. These units are manufactured under contract in China and are as per design and specifications given by Energynet.

ENERGYNET has been successful in installing over 18,000 UPS system with a large percentage in the finance and banking sector during the past 25 years. The Company has a technical team consisting of more than 25 engineers and technicians, most of whom have being trained by the principles on many occasions and are authorized to make board level repairs on many on the models. The competency level of the engineering team is amongst the best of the business partners in the SE ASIAN region.

The Company has the distinction of being responsible for one of the largest UPS installation in Sri Lanka, which is 1300 kVA at Aqua Packaging Ltd. In addition it has also installed many similar systems at other factories Island wide.

ENERGYNET also supplies a range of inverters and rectifiers for critical applications. Many satellite offices of banks and finance institutions use inverter solutions to overcome challenges in maintaining standby generators and UPS systems.