Remote Monitoring
A 7×24 monitoring service that acts either as a primary or secondary support function. Trained technicians will monitor the health status of the UPS system or other equipment and will help to diagnose, notify and resolve problems before they become critical.

The reliability of your UPS system depends heavily on the health of the batteries, and approximately 40% of all UPS failures are battery related. Our trained technicians can watch your systems via TCP/IP or even GSM/GPRS. We can do more than just watching, by using the data collected we optimize the life of your UPS systems or battery by:
  • Analyzing and tracking performance
  • Anticipating problems
  • Predicting potential failure
  • Monitoring the condition of your batteries in real time
  • Ensuring the availability of your facility’s power system

iUPS Guard Remote Monitoring

UPS Remote Monitoring via GSM