Uninterruptible Power Supplies
An Uninterruptible Power Supply or better known as UPS is an electrical device which through the use of a battery, for the storage of electrical power, is able to provide uninterruptible power during short circuits and power failures. In addition, it also cleans, conditions and stabilizers the power, ensuring safe, reliable and dependable power for your mission critical applications.

UPS Systems are broadly classified into off-line, line-interactive and on-line (double conversion) systems. Traditionally, the offline systems are only designed to provide battery backup for a few minutes during a power failure. The line interactive systems condition the power whilst operating on grid supply.. Both of these topologies exhibit short transfer times while switching to and from the battery. The on-line (double conversion) UPS Systems which are most suitable for mission critical applications include a rectifier which continuously supplies an inverter whilst keeping the battery system on full charge. The inverter which also operates continuously, generates a completely new sine wave, irrespective of input supply conditions.

We offer a wide range of on-line UPS systems such as, transformer based, transformer less, mono-block and modular systems through our varies alliances with global brands/ manufacturers.